«Terra Decorum»: beautiful things with history

On October 6 in Kiev will host an auction  of decorative and applied art works. The organizers - the owner of the gallery "Antique city" Natalia Kislyuk and Markov family of collectors.

Ваза с ручками в виде лебедей. Мануфактура А. Миклашевского. Сер. XIX в. Выс. 25 см. Эст. $ 4 500–5 000In February 2012 one of the world leaders of the antique market auction house Christie's has published annual statistics on key areas of sales. It was found that during 2011, the market for decorative arts grew 16%, while sales of paintings and drawings by old masters increased only by 10%. Looks even more impressive export statistics for antique decorative arts from the UK. Rising by 31% here is observed, but only to Russia antique silver, porcelain and furniture in 2011 was taken in by more than $ 60 million

There is keen interest in the beautiful and stylish things, also redolent of past epochs, in Ukraine too. According to observations of Eugene and Anton Markov, this market segment is the least affected by the crisis of falling prices. This spring in Kiev hosted the first auction the auction house «Terra Decorum», specializing exclusively on objects of applied art. The second auction will take place October 6, where the works of Ukrainian, Russian, Western, Chinese and Japanese artists to be presented.

A significant part of the current Terra Decorum's collection is ceramics, including porcelain and earthenware of leading Ukrainian manufactories - Baranka and Gorodnitsa Porcelain works, Kiev Mezhyhirya manufactory  Miklashevsky porcelain works. As explained by Alexander Markov, Ukrainian porcelain still remains underestimated, even in comparison with the Russian, although recently it is interested by many serious collectors inside country and abroad. The situation of low prices allows them to acquire a rare museum-quality stuff with relatively modest sum .

Faience dish with views of Kiev, made at the Wedgwood factory caused a stir among collectors at the spring auction «Terra Decorum» . At this time, collectors of items related to the history of the Kiev city, for sure, will interest plate of Kiev Mezhyhirya manufactory featuring Lancers, dating from the first third of the XIX century. The highest quality products of  Mezhyhirya ceramists, was supplied  in all major cities of the Russian Empire, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now they adorn many public and private collections in Russia and Ukraine. For example, a dish with a similar story of battle can be seen in the collection of the Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum.

To the military area relates another interesting item of auction's porcelain line. This is a tumbler released by the centennial of the 48th Odessa Infantry Regiment of the at manufactory of the MS Kuznetsov Society. During the centenary of the Battle of Borodino celebration Regiment was named after Tsar Alexander I. From such memorable dishes tumbler distinguishes a developed program of decoration: coat of arms of the Russian Empire with monograms of Alexander I and Nicholas II, and the cross of St. George with the names of all the monarchs who ruled the country for 100 years Regiment's existence was drawn here.

Inclusion in auction of applied art several graphic pictures of outstanding Ukrainian artist Michail Zhuk looks also justifiable. This sketch of plates painting , which he created in 1920-1930's. The master was fond of ceramics still in 1900th when worked at Ivan Levinsky's firm in Lviv. In late 1920 - early 1930's Zhuk teaches on the ceramic department of the Odessa Art Institute, his students are trained in the suburbs of Moscow, at the Dulevo and Dmitrov factories. There also he moved in 1937 to escape the next wave of repression against figures of Ukrainian culture. In the capital of Russia a decorative finds of Zhuk, which combines elements of modern and traditional Ukrainian ornament, treated with understanding, and the master even was included in the artistic council of Glavfarfor.

Great historical and artistic value has a porcelain vase, made in Japan in the Meiji period. Its unique painting theme in detail tells about all stages of the porcelain's productin - from extraction of clay to firing. According to experts, the vase was made-to-order for a famous client or as offerings on some occasion. Originality of the plot and decoration, and subtle brushwork indicates of this.Such quality objects - a rarity not only in Ukrainian, but also in the international market.

One of the October auction's top lots of the is a wooden wall cabinet, made Abramtsev carpenters and carvers by artist Elena Polenova project in 1880. Workshops founded in Abramtsevo estate near Moscow by the famous entrepreneur and patron Savva Mamontov were one of the major centers of Russian art industry renaissance in the late XIX century. There art worked great Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel, Viktor Vasnetsov, Vasily Polenov, Konstantin Korovin. Abramtsev furniture designed by E. Polenova had a great demand, it demonstrated at the World Exhibition in 1900, wrote about it famous London magazine «Studio», which promotes new art and design.

The fate of applied art is that over time they lose their utilitarian purpose and begin to perform a purely aesthetic or representational-status functions. For example, in the last century antiques are often adapted for sports prizes. So it was with the trophy for Soviet Cup of football, and awards for many local events. In the metal artwork section of the auction will be presented a silver cup of the German masters of the late XIX - early XX century., which in 1946 was awarded the team - winner of school athletic competition in Kiev. Interestingly, the prize was established by the main Pioneer Organization newspaper of Ukraine Soviet Socialistic Republic (USSR)  "Zirka", as evidenced by the inscription on the cup. This thing is not only artistic, but also of great historical value, which over the years will only increase.

In such small survey it is difficult to describe all auction lots, but it's safe to say that its organizers tried to cover as wide a range of species, techniques, periods of Applied Arts and meet to customers with different financial capabilities.



 It will be possible to familiarize with lots of the Terra Deco­rum auction at an exhibition in gallery «Antique city» (Kiev, 5/24 Irininskaya St., an entrance from Mikhaylovsky Lane).

Antikvar magazine № 9 (66) September 2012