Засновники Української академії мистецтв
November 22 - December 10, 2017, the BEGINNINGS / 100 YEARS OF THE UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS / exhibition is taking place in the Ornament Art Space, Kyiv, Ukraine, Anri Barbusa street, 53.

By the beginning of the 20th century, talented masters from Ukraine, who wanted to study in a higher artistic institution and improve their skills, were forced to leave for St. Petersburg or to European countries, which was much more expensive and more difficult. The Russian Empire strictly followed the talents and strictly forbade the idea of establishing a higher educational institution on the territory of Ukraine. Only in the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the historical coincidence of circumstances and the persistence of ideologues and non-indifferent artists, the Ukrainian Academy of Arts was founded.

After the proclamation of November 7 (20), 1917, the Third Universal of the Ukrainian Central Rada came into being the Ukrainian People's Republic. The old social, economic and social institutions began to emerge and rebuild. For the realization of cultural needs and aspirations of the Ukrainian people, on the initiative of such outstanding art historians and public figures as D. Antonovich, M. Bilyashivsky and G. Pavlutsky, the Ukrainian Academy of Arts arose.

On December 22, 1917, the Statue of the Ukrainian State Academy of Arts was established on December 5, 1917 . Mrs. Hrushevsky, the chairman of the UCR, took part in the organization of the academy, who, together with the general secretary of education, I.Stešenko was the author of her first charter. The first professors of the Academy were elected: M. Boichuk, M. Buracheck, M. Zhuk, V. and F. Krichevsky, A. Manevich, O. Murashko, G. Narbut. The first rector of the Academy was F. Krichevsky.

In 1922 the academy was reorganized and renamed the Kyiv Institute of Plastic Arts. In 1924 he was named the Kyiv Art Institute (KHI). In 1920-1930 the artists of the most diverse areas worked here: the painters - O. Bogomazov, M. Boychuk, P. Golubyatnikov, M. Kozik, A. Kramarenko, F. Krasitsky, F. Krichevsky, K. Malevich, S. Nalepinskaya-Boychuk, V. Palmov, M. Rokitsky, E. Sahaydachny, A. Taran, V. Tatlin, A. Usachev, A. Cherkassky.

Exactly 100 years later, day by day - November 22, an exhibition of paintings by the first professors of the academy and renowned graduates until the 1940's will be opened.