Absolute power of beauty. Mykhailo Zhuk Graphics and Painting.

We suggest you to buy retrospective exhibition catalog of Ukrainian artist Mykhailo Zhuk (1883-1964), the founder and one of the first professors of Ukrainian Academy of Arts (1917), vice-rector of the Art Institute in Odessa, graphics, ceramics master, poet, novelist, playwright, art critic. Mykhailo Zhuk actively participated in the artistic life of Ukraine in the first third of the 20th century. Without his work is difficult to imagine the history of Ukrainian culture of that period.

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Invest in art: the European experience in Ukraine (video)

On the eve of the television studio Ukrlife.tv visited the co-owner of the auction of arts and crafts "Terra Decorum" Alexander Markov, bringing with them a few items that will be presented at the next auction on April 27 2013.

The auction and antique objects, which left a cultural mark on Ukrainian history, see the online video of the TV-program "Antikvar" with Anna Kovalenko.



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